Some people are learn by reading and others like myself learn by listening and watching videos. Below I have compiled some of my favorite videos that I use to train my mind to obtain my goals and dreams. Please feel free to watch and feel motivated.

Train the Mind

Overtime I have learned that the best way to achieve your goals is to began to train your mind to think differently. If you think negative thoughts you will achieve negative results. If you think positive thoughts however than you will produce positive results!

Train the Body

Lately I have been finding myself achieve new goals and accomplishments in the gym as a result of listening to these pump up videos throughout my works. I encourage you to listen to this place before a workout and during your workout.

How to Invest

My dream of creating a passive income stream for myself has lead me to the world of investing. This play list is made up of different investment videos that I've been using to educate myself on the world of investing. It includes stock investing, real estate, affiliate marketing and plenty more.